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About AgTech-Pro

Your #1 Source for Agricultural Innovation

Established in 2021, AgTech-Pro is a leading AgTech consulting firm that’s big enough to help your business scale – yet small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve. Headquartered in New York, AgTech-Pro has a deep passion for farming, agricultural innovation, and digital agriculture. We are on a mission to transform the global food production system to feed a growing global population in a future-proof way.  


We have a soft spot for rising businesses devoted to making a difference, while solving the pressing challenges faced by today’s global agricultural industry. We strive to help our clients create holistic solutions that are easy to implement and even easier to use, becoming an intrinsic part of the farming workflow.


As a boutique agricultural business development advisory firm, we believe that the only way for the international agricultural sector to thrive is by leveling out the playing field and making every voice heard. That’s why we work with businesses big and small to place new innovations in the global spotlight, build critical partnerships across the value chain, develop agricultural go-to-market strategies, and give every company an equal opportunity to thrive.


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