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About the founder

Our Founder Patrick Honcoop
Patrick Honcoop

Founder & CEO AgTech-Pro

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Patrick Honcoop is a voice of authority and entrepreneur in the international agricultural industry, and he is passionate about helping companies big and small grow. Hailing from the Netherlands and with an extended stint living in Germany, this revered business development consultant has dedicated his career to broadening his knowledge of the world’s most innovative agricultural markets.


Patrick’s journey started when he obtained his MSc in Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering, coupled with his Business Degree, from Wageningen University & Research – one of the most distinguished life sciences institutions in the world. The road to Patrick’s degree was also paved with part-time work, gaining hands-on experience on various farms worldwide.


Aside from running his boutique AgTech consulting firm, Patrick Honcoop is also a partner at the AgTech transformation initiative, PHAEN.


Prior to this, he created and executed CLAAS’ digital strategy in North America, and is the co-creator behind Europe’s leading digital agriculture management ecosystem, 365FarmNet. Here, he monitored the ecosystem’s development while spearheading 30+ successful partnerships with both leading agricultural names, the likes of John Deere, Yara, and BASF, and startup companies.


From his new home base on North American soil, Patrick and his team are excited to share their unfair advantage with their clients, using their sprawling global network of agricultural authorities to help their partners build flourishing farming legacies. With Patrick’s broad scientific background, business-oriented mindset, and insatiable passion for AgTech, your business is in safe hands.

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