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Partnership Building

Creating industry bonds

AgTech-Pro has all the right connections, in all the right places, giving you a shortcut into the European and North American markets, and beyond. We’ve spent years expanding our network in the global AgTech ecosystem, and we’re ready to help you build long-term partnerships and scale beyond imagination.

Partnerships are the key to mutual growth and prosperity in the agricultural industry and smart farming realm. We can never achieve alone what we can as a team – especially in the complex agricultural industry with such a diverse range of stakeholders. This is why we help our clients and friends forge impactful alliances that benefit everyone involved. AgTech-Pro isn’t a middleman – we are very much a part of your partnership-building journey as you pave the road toward success, brick by brick.


Here’s what you can expect when partnering with AgTech-Pro:

1: Getting to Know You

Once we understand your business, product or service, and global growth goals as intimately as you do, we can move on to…


2: …Defining Your Objectives

The best partner for your friend’s agricultural business won’t necessarily be the right fit for yours. Once we understand what you’re looking for in a partnership, we can help you make the most informed decisions accordingly.


3: Develop A Partner Strategy

Based on your objectives, we will develop a bespoke partner strategy accordingly. What is the value creation, and what story can we sell? Which type of organizations, regions, and resources should we target? Together, we will answer all of these questions and more.


4: Partnership Shortlist

We’ll create a shortlist of worthy candidates for you to explore, whether these organizations are already in our network or not. We’ll search far and wide to pinpoint and present the most promising prospective partners on your behalf.


5: Pitch Preparation

There’s no other business like yours out there, and a cookie-cutter pitch drawn from a template just won’t do. And your potential new partner is just as unique as you are. For this reason, we will help you adapt your pitch to stand out in every unique conversation, ensuring it meets the needs of the organization on the other side of the table.


6: Follow-Up

Once the dust has settled after the initial meeting, we’ll check in with your potential new partner to gauge their interest. Patience is key here, and several sessions are often needed.


7: Pilot

The proof is in the proverbial pudding. With your precision agriculture product in the hands of your potential partner’s actual customers, everyone can get a taste of the outcome of the collaboration.



8: Sealing the Deal

With everyone’s approval, we can plant the seeds of your new partnership and watch it blossom into something beautiful.

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